Marie Bazin Galleries at Espace Orlando

Marie Bazin Galleries at Espace Orlando

With the arrival of spring, Place Orlando in Saint-Jean Lespinasse returns to the forefront with an exhibition by Marie Bazin. From Saturday, April 6 to Sunday, April 21, you will discover the exhibition “Where do our dreams go when they fly away?” With amazing paintings and collages.

The artist lives and produces his works in southern Corrèze. She participates in numerous group or personal exhibitions, which sometimes take her away from her studio, in France or abroad, for example in Italy or Germany.

In the furnished rooms of the Espace Orlando Hotel, Marie Bazin presents paintings and posters from her various “dream worlds.” In this new exhibition, she has chosen to share 20 years of dreams, escape and color with a selection of works that mark her career as a painter and collage artist.

Several series were presented: “Fairy Tales”, “Les Marcheurs”, and some paintings from his first series with “A Fish's View of the World”, “My Good Little Women”, and “Les Loufok's”. You will also discover her collages (she received first prize at the International Collage Days 2023, at the Fresilin Arts Centre), as well as her fantasy drawings “Les Blablablas” and “Les Dames”.

The artist will be present on April 10 and 21 from 5 p.m. The exhibition is open daily from 3 pm to 7 pm except Monday.

Espace Orlando is located on Place de l'Église. Phone: 05 65 38 74 33.

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