Marathon 2021: everyone in Toulouse!

Marathon 2021: everyone in Toulouse!

word marathonseventeenth! The 2021 edition of the Ossetania Festival will take place across Toulouse, its capital and the entire region, between Tuesday 22nd June and Sunday 4th July, after the 2020 edition was fully online – creating the marathon, podium Sustainable literary and digital creations, with films, podcasts, archives…

The Culture Pop Art It is one of the main themes around which Word Marathon will be expressed, which is first and foremost a celebration of reading aloud. Thus, to honor Books adapted in the series, you will get several readings by the actors: You will read Julie Depardieu . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The Scarlet Maid De Margaret Atwood Bruno Pozzolo Arsene Lupine, gentleman thief, Written by Maurice Leblanc and Marie Bonnell Mrs. game Written by Walter Teves and read by Teddy Bogart with Sonia Belskaya normal people, by Sally Rooney.

In reference to black novelJean-Philippe Ricci Lira bad weather messages, Written by Jean Patrick Manchette; By science fiction, Alain Damasio (to be read rally braces, by Alan Davos) will present the show enter color, The one that he created with Yan Beichen… It would also be a matter the television (with Aurélien Bellanger and his novel reality TV), tennis (with Thomas Andre, author Feature), from football (with Shane Haddad, author Tony Short) … to represent French pop musicOlivia Ruiz will give a musical reading with her musicians for her first novel, Colorful chest of drawers. And on Sunday, June 27, Jane Birkin will be performing on stage Oh! Sorry, I was asleep Designed with Etienne Dahou.

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The California It is one of the other poles of the festival, with many readings dedicated to the authors who came from it (Joan Didion by Clotilde Corot, Amy Bender by Ariane Ascaride, Emma Klein by Melody Richard, John Fante by Jack Bonafe, James Elroy by Elizabeth Masse…), as well as many events around Alain Mabanckou. Among other things.

“And now?” It is a question that many authors will work on. Among them: Marie Ndiaye, Jan Birnbaum (responsible for “The World of Books”), Lola Lavon, Judith Perignon, Guillaume Boix, Joy Surman … Each will tell about a month of year 2020. To think about the future, the authors of the first novels (Males Ademar, Fatma Daas, Constance Jolie) will also be called. Ivan Jablonka will discuss male disorders.

Other guest writers include Edward Lewis, Thomas Chatterton Williams, Miles de Kerangal, Pierre Nora…

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