Many of the temporary foreign workers in the Rocky Mountains agreed

Many of the temporary foreign workers in the Rocky Mountains agreed

Last year, they won the right to increase the number of temporary foreign workers they hire for low-paying jobs.

The Federal Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) allows employers across the country to hire foreign workers to fill temporary jobs when they are unable to hire qualified Canadians.

According to the federal Department of Labor and Social Development, 237 temporary jobs for foreign workers have been approved in Canmore. In 2019, 98 of these positions were approved. In Banff, 454 jobs were accepted, compared to 141 in 2019. These strong increases reflect the growing need for labor in the area.

These numbers are comparable to those in the early 2000s, when Alberta and Canada experienced a boom in temporary foreign workers.He said Jason Foster Professor of Human Resources and Labor Relations at Athabasca University.

This increase is not unique to the Rocky Mountains. Departmental statistics show that the approval of applications for temporary foreign workers increased nationally by 70% last year compared to 2019.

Temporary workers wanted

A Canadian or New Zealand employee with an unrestricted work permit can leave their job at any time if they are found elsewhere with better pay.

However, temporary workers cannot leave their jobs so easily, because their work permit is tied to the job for which they were granted. They can change jobs provided they find another employer who has permission to hire a temporary foreign worker.

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program provides more stabilityHe said Carly FloryAssociation Communications Director Banff and Lake Louise Hospitality.

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From the point of view of temporary foreign workers, the Federal Temporary Foreign Worker Program It allows them to gain experience in Canada, but also provides them with the possibility to apply for permanent residence.

An example of this is the case of Jun Kakayoran’s family. His wife came to Banff from the Philippines in 2010 through Federal Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Once she got her permanent residence, she brought her family in 2013.

The Canadian program is much better than other countriessays John Kakayoran, who lives in Banff and helps other temporary foreign workers as president of the Canadian Filipino Association in the area.

We need these temporary foreign workers, but also give them the opportunity to become permanent residents, because there is a labor shortage here and across Canada.

However, some professionals fear that this type of program will put foreign workers in a vulnerable position. Workers are willing to accept many things in the hope of obtaining a permanent residence permitsays Jason Foster.

It is very easy for an unscrupulous business owner to take advantage of this systemconcludes the professor at the University of Athabasca.

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