Mancini wants to go to the World Cup: "We're going to play a great game with Switzerland."  Outside Pellegrini and Zaniolo

Mancini wants to go to the World Cup: “We’re going to play a great game with Switzerland.” Outside Pellegrini and Zaniolo

Florence – The last two thousand tickets on sale will be sold out in a few hours: this way the final capacity of 52 thousand spectators will be reached, 75% of the Olympique: waiting Italy and Switzerland Next Friday, November 12, is key to direct qualification for the 2022 World Cup, even if on Monday 15 in Belfast the Azzurri close the group in Northern Ireland and that will be a match not to be missed. Mancini must face a small emergency: the injuries of Roma fans Zaniolo and Pellegrini add to that of Verratti, while Parilla is in danger and Bonucci and Chiellini will be evaluated day in and day out. He called up Cataldi (Lazio) and Besina, and they just returned to Atalanta after a muscle injury. The newly named Pobega immediately climbs into his positions and can already go to the bench. At the center of the attack, the favorite is Immobile, who missed the Nations League like Belotti last October: both returned to the team that beat Switzerland 3-0 at the Olympics in the European Championship.

Italy and Switzerland, warning to Mancini: the exit of half of the national team

by Enrico Corro

Mancini, after 0-0 in the first leg in Basel, I defined that at Olympico as “Game of the Year”, except for that of the European Championship.
“This match can pave the way for the World Cup. What we have done so far gives us awareness of being able to reach the goal. I am sure we will play a great match, the important thing is to maintain maximum peace of mind, even if there are some problems: come back Zaniolo and Pellegrini are going home, for Barilla there doesn’t seem to be anything to worry about, we’ll be staying these days. The others should be fine. Bonucci and Chiellini are fine, we’ll see everyone in training.”

Did the tournament give you new indications of youth?
“The indications from the young players are always good, of course if they play. And there are those who are playing now.”

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From a global perspective, do you see some sectors as more open than others?
“I don’t think so, I think there are good young players. Of course, with a young player you can expect anything: he may look immature, but in six months he is ready, you just have to be patient to wait, hoping that they will be able to play a certain level making them grow.”

Here is Pobega on the first call and Frattesi appears at the door.
“Pobega is not here by chance or just to breathe Coverciano’s air. I don’t know who he can compare to, but I don’t think there is one with his characteristics: he’s very physical, but also technical, he’s left-handed, he’s small, he’s smart, he’s done every team game Under. In our opinion, Frattisi has excellent qualities, we follow him, he is doing well here. I repeat, there are many good players, they just need to play.”

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The Champions League is the perfect growing ground: was it precious to you in the first four days of the tournament?
“Everyone who plays the cup acquires a great mentality: the more players you have to improve. To win the cup you always have to play well, so the player who does that improves from game to game.”

Which game is waiting for you compared to Basel, is calm enough?
“When I talk about calm, I mean that you have to be calm to prepare for a match like this with Switzerland, which is historically difficult. You cannot prepare for a match worthy of the World Cup without being calm: calmly we will play well and score goals. We have to rest assured that if we play like we did In the first leg we will get a result. But I am convinced that we will do better than Basel.”

Is it the hardest week since you were a coach?
“I would say that before the Wembley final it was probably more complicated! We are going to have a great match: it will be an evening to enjoy.”

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The Rome venue has been chosen for an audience who can guarantee: Do you have any reassurances at the Stadio Olimpico, after so many rugby matches including Italy and New Zealand?
“We have already tested the certainty that there are a lot of fans in the Olympique in the European championships. But we also chose Roma for the climate, which is usually good in this period. The stadium held up well and in 4-5 days it can only get better.”

Immobile finds the national team again.
“We are delighted that he and Belotti, who missed the Quadruple Nations League final, are back. Immobile is the most prolific striker in Serie A in the last five years, I’m convinced he will play very well. Belotti? The League It’s normal to have alternating performances. You can’t always To be on top: but when men come here, they are always good, and we have excellent sensations. ”

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Too many matches, too many injuries: isn’t the idea of ​​a World Cup every two years the wrong direction?
“It’s been happening for a while, especially after a year and a half of Covid that put pressure on the calendar: injuries are normal at this point in the season, it’s part of a player’s career. But perhaps the most stressful thing on the calendar is not the matches: it’s the transfers and the trips.”

In midfield he found Tonali.
“Important. He can be a starter and a striker, he’s a modern midfielder.”
On the other hand, Serie A Shevchenko found a coach for Genoa.
“Send him good luck, he is always very close to the Italian national team and he is also a good boy.”

After the European Championship, you said that they stopped you in the street, and thank you: After 4 months, what do you think of this victory for the country?
“Because in Italy we were the first to have problems with Covid, we brought happiness back to people, and for us, the fact of this bringing back joy was the most beautiful thing.”

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How do you explain Italy’s 2021 victories in all sports and even in music with Måneskin?
“There are moments, especially at the sporting level, when you cannot reach the goals, but this is a particularly winning moment, even if it is difficult for Italy not to feel any satisfaction in sport.”

How do you imagine your first World Cup as a coach?
“We still have to qualify, and we’ll talk about that next Tuesday.”

Concerned about Zaniolo, who is essentially your statement as Technical Commissioner?
“Unfortunately it was unfortunate enough, he was seriously injured: for his part he has the youth, the physical and mental strength to be able to get out well. He always has some problems, we can’t risk him. Sorry, because it could have been an important match for me. Him. At Olympico. Advice? I always give him some when he just comes here, he has time on his side.”

Your national team also won the European Championship thanks to a good game: do you think this message has now also carried over to the tournament?
“Our European matches were very important, and it is clear that not all matches can be beautiful: it is part of football, and the results in the end count for a club and sometimes they are more important than the desire to stir up emotions.”

Juventus did not start at the maximum: Do you see repercussions for the national team?
“Apart from the fact that Chiesa, Bernardeschi and Locatelli have already contacted them before they go to Juventus, all the Juventus players are expert players: when they come here, they always manage to give their best, I am not at all worried.”

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