Malware is currently circulating via email, stealing your passwords and personal data

Malware is currently circulating via email, stealing your passwords and personal data

It appears that the phishing campaign is still ongoing. – Squid

Wide campaign of Trolling In progress. Microsoft teams spotted it, and it aims to spread the Trojan horse
Malware From the name STRRAT, specify ZDNet.

Based on Java (1.5), this malware is hiding in an image that presents itself as an attachment associated with an email message. The Trojan horse can steal usernames, passwords, and other personal data by recording keystrokes, as Microsoft warns on Twitter.

It acts like ransomware

The way it works is special. This is because it behaves like ransomware. So, once published, it appends the file name extension. Purple refers to the files on the computer but are not physically encrypted. It is a matter of distracting the victim to make him believe that he is only dealing with a ransomware program but not a remotely executable Trojan horse.

To spread, malware can rely on distributing emails offering payment to the victim. To see the amount, you are asked to click on what appears as an attachment, it is supposed to be in PDF format. Once the victim opens the file, he downloads the malware and the hacker can access his computer, our colleagues note.


The campaign appears to be continuing. It is possible that the hackers could extend it thanks to the various data collected allowing them to access the emails of the victims.

The best way to protect yourself from STRRAT is to not click on the image that acts as an attachment. It is best to be wary of any email whose correspondent does not know, especially if the subject matter is monetary gain. Installing an antivirus program that checks email can also protect against attacks.



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