Mallorca: Corona’s new holiday base shortly before Easter

Mallorca: Corona’s new holiday base shortly before Easter

Those returning to travel from March 26th are planned to have to show a negative coronavirus test – even if they don’t come from a danger zone.

Update from March 25, 4:27 p.m.: The planned public coronavirus test commitment to enter Germany will take effect from midnight this Sunday. On Thursday, the Federal Ministry of Health said the reason is that travelers and airlines can adapt to it.

Update from March 25 at 4:11 PM: German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) has called for a very careful examination of a possible travel ban to popular holiday areas abroad. “I think after the last few days it is very important that the things that we have put on the road are implemented after that,” he said on Thursday in Tripoli, Libya, referring to the so-called Easter rest. . Find out more details about*.

Spahn Project: Coronavirus test is mandatory for all returnees from Friday

Our first report is from March 25th:

Berlin – Mallorca is a lot today. For better weather. A break for Germans tired of the epidemic. Or vacations abroad in general. Now a new coronavirus regulation is planned for those same people from Friday: a test commitment for all travelers who travel to Germany by plane.

According to a draft by Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU), which many news outlets cited, those affected will “have to provide the carrier with evidence before they leave overseas.” According to reports, the list was still voted on by administrations on Thursday. According to the information received from pictureNewspaper, travelers must bear the cost of the test themselves.

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So far, testing has only been mandatory for those returning from Corona risk areas. According to news agency information dpa The new rule should initially take effect until March 12th. In addition, the federal government is considering whether trips to popular holiday areas abroad can be temporarily banned – but there are significant constitutional hurdles.

Gastro in Mallorca in March 2021: soon in the fresh air?

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Mallorca Leave Despite Coronavirus: CSU Söder President Finds It ‘Difficult To Understand’

Recently, Majorca was no longer a danger area due to low Coronavirus numbers. The flowering of reservations for the Balearic Island, popular with the Germans, immediately followed. And a debate about whether there is truthfulness in light of the third wave in Germany. Here the lockdown has just been extended.

For example, Bavarian Prime Minister Marcus Söder (CSU) said, “It is difficult for people to understand and accept” that you cannot book a holiday home or apartment in this country, but on the contrary, you can go on a wonderful vacation in Mallorca. .

Easter holiday despite Corona: Mallorca is alleged to be pushing back on tourism

If this is true what Mallorca newspaper On Tuesday, I reported that Mallorca’s regional government is already withdrawing the emergency brakes. “Easter is not a priority for us.” The newspaper quoted the Minister of the Balearic Islands ’Economy, Iago Neguirela,“ It is important to secure the summer season. ”Foreign tourists were not intended to come again now.

Nigueroela emphasized that this is happening now anyway, it is not the prerogative of Mallorca, but the responsibility of the governments of Spain and Germany. However, two weeks ago, Franchina Armingol, head of government of the Balearic Islands, made an explicit invitation to the Germans to spend the Easter holidays in Mallorca.

March vacationers are on their way to Mallorca – but after returning home, a negative Corona test is now mandatory.

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Coronavirus cases are increasing in Mallorca again – the regional government wants the stomach partially closed

However, a 7-day infestation on a Mediterranean island is getting worse again for a good week. According to Mallorca Zeitung, it has increased from about 20 to 30. Therefore, the regional government wants to close the interior spaces of cafes, restaurants and bars, which only reopened in mid-March.

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According to the authorities, nearly 8,000 foreigners were screened at the island’s airport over the weekend, most of them vacationers from Germany. A negative PCR test no more than 72 hours old must be presented upon entry, according to reports dpa.

This week, SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach warned that the Corona P1 mutation detected in Brazil has now also reached Mallorca. The University Clinic of “Son Espases” denied such reports. “We found the variant B.1.1.28. The dangerous variant (from Brazil) is B., also known as P1,” said clinic spokesperson Juan Carlos Gonzalez. dpa. (AFP / dpa / frs) * And the She offers from IPPEN.MEDIA

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