Mali tries to reassure France after the end of joint military operations

Mali tries to reassure France after the end of joint military operations

Paris calls for Bamako guarantees on the return of civilians to power after two military coups.

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Chogoel Koukala Maiga, who was a candidate to become the Prime Minister of the transitional phase of Mali under the military presidency, confirmed Friday 4 June that his country will fulfill its international obligations. This speech comes on the heels of the French decision to halt military cooperation made on Thursday.

Mali, a country important to the stability of the Sahel region, was the scene of a second coup in nine months at the hands of the capitals of Gotha and the colonel. France is demanding guarantees of appointing a civilian prime minister and holding elections in February 2022 with the aim of returning civilians to power.

Chogoel Kokala Maiga, a veteran of politics, holds the rope that Colonel Asimi Guetta will appoint as prime minister to a government that is supposed to prepare for the return of civilians to power within nine months. He may be appointed after the inauguration of Colonel Asimi Jutta as chief, scheduled for Monday.

“We will honor our international commitments that do not conflict with the fundamental interests of the Malian people.”Adding that during a rally in Bamako“There are no publicly known international obligations that fundamentally conflict with Mali’s interests”.

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