Major regional ranking 2021, world ranking

Major regional ranking 2021, world ranking

The qualifying circuit for Major CSGO 2021 is quite complex, and nothing is like regrouping the world rankings in one place and itself to see it more clearly. To recall, the season finale will take place in October during PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

RMR world ranking

The qualifying season for the 2021 major tournament has already started well, the Europeans and North and South America have started their own events, the Russian speaking part and the Oceans will soon start, and the Asians are currently the only ones who have completed their matches. Competition. So it was time to take stock of the rankings around the world and detail how the somewhat special 2021 season, and after the 2020 marked by the cancellation of the flagship (ESL One: Rio 2020), will begin. For the first time, squads start the season with points, these are the ones obtained last year but largely amputated by the publisher who chose not to start entirely from a blank page but almost nonetheless.

The points in these various tables are those that were earned at the moment the article was published, and regular updates will be completed and results will improve when the course is finally finished. For example in Europe, Flashpoint’s third season is still in progress, so it is impossible to distribute points precisely at this time the ones that will be gained at least through squads that are still in the race for the title.

The ranking will move in a few days when Flashpoint ends but it is already certain that the top four in this schedule will remain in the top quad. Almost all points for 2020 have already been skipped, which proves if there is any need for them that Valve’s planning snapshot at the start of 2021 will indeed be drastic. Notice all the same little peculiarity of the Danes in HYENAS, as the latter regained a place left vacant by the disappearance of the Northern Temple, and they had to use sleight of hand to share that cost them regardless. % Of the total points won. So if we add to that already 40% of the replacement penalties for 2020, they will have a hard time reaching the major at the end of the year under the circumstances.

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Each of the first US RMRs already qualified for the finals got at least 950 points, hence the addition, note that everyone here made substitutions before the competition started and that Evil Geniuses blew up even all their jokers by replacing Ethan with oBo and then Tariq with Michaux.

In South America, only one team managed to regain points from last year, and it is Made in Brazil (MIBR). At the same time, the latter brought about a configuration change costing her 20% of her score. In the current state of competition, only the teams from INTZ have all their points, and for those at the top of the table, this is the minimum they are sure to get, and the competition is far from over. Note the case of Santos e-Sports, they substituted mid-tournament (cass1n instead of xns) and split one of their players (xns left the team), costing them 40% of the total win.

The tournament for the Russian side is waiting with impatience, especially because this part of the world is currently the most competitive and the best players in the world currently (maneuver) are completely absent at the moment because they have not scored any points in 2020 so it will be in this side of the globe that we will have to Looking at what is happening, the changes compared to last season promise real surprises.

RMR Asia
1 / 1600 points / 100 in 2020 TYLOO
1 / 1600 points ViCi Games
3 / 1400 points Invictus Gaming
4 / 1,300 points Wings app gaming
Qualifying tournaments
World Premier League Championship 1 From April 20 to May 3, 2021
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Asia is the first to finish its effectiveness and the least we can say is that there were no surprises. Very stable in terms of transitions, the Chinese landscape completely dominates this geographical area leaving no place for any Indian, Vietnamese or Mongolian competitor. For several years now, it has been the place in the world where suspense is lowest, which contrasts with the astronomical amounts participating in the tournaments. The Perfect World, for example, was $ 100,000.

CMA Oceania
1 / 80 points in 2020 The rebels – 20% by 2020 1 replacement
Qualifying tournaments
EPIC Oceania Spring League From May 24 to May 30, 2021

Obviously, the last geographical area in which only Australians and New Zealanders compete with each other is the area in which the data travels to our country at the very least. It is difficult to take an inventory of what is happening there, at first glance the rebels should maintain their first position but surprise is always possible. Only one place will go to Major, so it will be important not to skip a match during EPIC Oceania League Spring.

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