Mailboxes etc. will participate in the “DARE TO FRANCHISE” event scheduled for November 30 in Lyon

Mailboxes etc. will participate in the “DARE TO FRANCHISE” event scheduled for November 30 in Lyon

Post boxes etc Announces its participation in the “OSEZ EN FRANCHISE” event to be held on November 30 in Lyon. A meeting dedicated to discovering entrepreneurship in the field of franchising.

Mailboxes etc. invites you to a new event

Mailboxes etc. invites project leaders to discover entrepreneurship in the field of franchising as part of the “DARE TO FRANCHISE” event, organized by Reconversion en Franchise in Lyon on Thursday 30 November.

Lyon is the second most dynamic city, in terms of number of business innovations, after Paris. The city is known for its institutional support, support structures and financial commitment to entrepreneurship. Metropolis has also invested significantly since 2004 to stimulate the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

On the occasion of this meeting, a diverse program will be drawn up:

  • Focus on entrepreneurship, led by experts from the Chamber of Commerce and Crafts and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Organization. The topic “Do I have the profile to start a business?” will be explored. The basic aspects of setting up a business will be covered,
  • Keys to financing: Regional representatives and the Banque Populaire Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes will share the available financial aid plans and present “5 tips for financing your project”, essential for future entrepreneurs,
  • The spotlight will be on the franchise, with Corinne Jekyll, founder of, who will present the segment on the franchise, and the brands in attendance will participate in an interactive Q&A game.

At the end of the afternoon, a moment will be set aside to discuss the participants’ project and answer their questions.

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Note that mailboxes, etc. He will be represented by Alexander Nevot, Franchise Development Director.

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