Magnitude 4.1 earthquake strikes Jura village in Damvant -

Magnitude 4.1 earthquake strikes Jura village in Damvant –

The earth shook during the night from Friday to Saturday in the village of Jura of Damvant, located about fifteen kilometers west of Porrentroy. The earthquake measured a magnitude of 4.1, according to the Swiss Seismological Service (SED) of the ETHZ Institute.

The earthquake occurred at 12:59 am at a depth of 5.9 kilometers. It was rated as Level 3, i.e. the level of risk defined on the Federation scale having 5, Refers to SED, suggesting that it may have been felt in a large part of Switzerland.

The SED determines that with an earthquake of this magnitude, minor damage is likely near the epicenter. Three aftershocks followed in the next half hour, swinging between 1.5 to 1.9.

“Very impressive”

And if the Jura shocker did not hurt or damage, the residents were taken by surprise. The Cantonal Police has received several calls, and on its website, the Department of Strategic Dialogue has listed many testimonies of people who were shocked. Some of them are located 180 km from the epicenter.

This is attested to this by the Porrentruy municipal councilor in charge of security, Julian Lewichat, who felt the earthquake upon returning from a family meal. “The feeling was strong, and we had the impression that the ground was opening up under the house,” he testified.

He says again, “The vibration was strong enough that we could feel the beams moving, the house creaking, the walls shaking. It was really impressive to feel something like that.”

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