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Machine behavior | UdeMNews

Mark Lanovaz

Credit: University of Montreal

Human behaviors have been the subject of scientific study for at least a century: they focus on the ways in which we interact not only with each other, but also with our external environment. Today, in the age of algorithms, robots, and conversational agents (chatbots), speech recognition systems, auto-completion functions, and self-driving cars, are academia ready for a new way of studying behavior: by analyzing the behavior of machines?

Mark Lanovaz Believes. Professor at the Faculty of Psychological Education at the University of Montreal and researcher in Research Center of the Institute of Mental Health University of Montrealaffiliated with UdeM, appeals in a new article in favor of the science of machine behavior analysis. This articlepublished on March 31 in the American Journal Perspectives on behavioral science, Featured as article of the week.

We asked Professor Lanovaz to develop his proposal.

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