MacBook Pro closed due to fan speed with water cooling

MacBook Pro closed due to fan speed with water cooling

To keep the 15-inch Macbook Pro secure, the thin aluminum plate on the underside of the notebook has been removed. To do this, a few screws had to be removed. Then the notebook offering is free and this is where the conversion started.

It all started with water blocks from a water-cooled Asic Bitcoin miner. So-called heat conductive pads are affixed between them so that the heat is directed from the components into the blocks of water. The water is passed through a pump from the Aquacomputer and cooled back into a Saturn cooler and beam from the same manufacturer before being put back on the road.

This way, the notebook is greatly cooled and the fans, which are still there, only start very rarely. Plus, the CPU no longer shuts down and the laptop consistently performs well – which was perhaps one of the main reasons for the action that prompted Theoderic to switch. The user has the full documentation at Macrumors- Forum Deposited. Another reason: During video conferencing, fan noise was so annoying that there was only one solution for Theodric: The laptop had to be quieter.

Mobile cooling and water?

Unfortunately, the laptop is no longer mobile that way, although the conversion can of course be reversed, as confirmed by the user. Meanwhile, he also bought the M1 MacBook Air – it no longer has a fan and is completely silent.

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