Mac studios will be delivered later than expected

Mac studios will be delivered later than expected

If at least One lucky man received his own Mac studio A few days before, others will have to be patient, more than expected. That is the case of Dom, who placed an order for his new computer — the M1 Max model with 32-core GPU, combined 64GB of memory and 1TB of storage — an hour after the keynote last Tuesday. The Apple Store was showing a delivery date between March 21st and 22nd…until things suddenly changed tonight.

Mac Studio took two weeks on the horizon and won’t ship again until April 1-5, and that’s no joke (bad). So maybe Apple can finally get the device to it sooner but at the beginning of next week it smells bad. If I ordered Mac Studio, did you receive the delivery date? Looks like Dom is no exception…

Currently, Apple is shipping Mac studio M1 Max between April 7-14, and M1 Ultra between May 17-24.

Update – According to many of your testimonials and according to our own experience, it’s clear that Apple had problems with the Mac Studio models ordered with the options. The machine that was due to be delivered to us between March 21 and 22 is also late, and now it is being announced between April 1 and 5, like the example above. This is the base Mac Studio we chose for 64GB of unified memory and 1TB of SSD.

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