Luxembourg City, the seventeenth most fun city in the world

Luxembourg City, the seventeenth most fun city in the world

Not so long ago, Luxembourg was already considered the sixth happiest country in the world.

According to the study

Simon Martin

Not so long ago, Luxembourg was already considered the sixth happiest country in the world.

every yearEconomist Unit, a British research and analysis company, reveals its ranking of the most fun cities in the world. We already knew that Luxembourg was the sixth happiest country in the world, but what about its “livability index”? In any case, the capital of Luxembourg seems to be one of the most fun cities on the planet.

What makes us happy? Professor Ruth Veenhoven, a pioneer in the field of well-being research, explains what happiness is.

Luxembourg City ranks 17th in this ranking of 172 cities, consisting of the world’s major urban centers, as shown primary. Concretely, the ranking gave a total score for each of these cities according to the country’s stability, health care system, culture, environment, educational system as well as its infrastructure.

Vienna, for its part, is at the top of the rankings. The Austrian capital has been placed for the third time at the top of this indicator produced by the Economist Intelligence Unit, the research and analysis unit of the English weekly The Economist. It was left behind by the New Zealand city of Auckland, which lost 33 places due to the health confinement extension.

Vienna Highscore

Experts have rewarded Vienna’s stability, educational and medical offer, as well as the quality of its infrastructure with a maximum of 100 out of 100. The cultural and environmental factors there are almost perfect.

Three-quarters of children aged 3-11 spend about an hour a day on their smartphone

The question of the welfare of the cherubim is important. It was covered in a national report on the situation of children in Luxembourg.

The top ten is largely dominated by Europe with six cities, including Copenhagen and Zurich, which complete the podium behind Vienna and Geneva (6). Canada is well represented in three cities: Calgary (3 tied), Vancouver (5) and Toronto (8). Paris appears in 19th place, 23 places higher than in 2021. The Belgian capital, Brussels, appears in 24th place, behind Montreal (23rd). London took 33rd place while Barcelona, ​​famous for its extreme liveliness, ranked 35th, eight places ahead of Madrid (43).

The capital, Kyiv, is out of order, Moscow is collapsing

Elsewhere in the world, Milan ranks 49th, New York 51st, and Beijing 71st. To be part of this panel, a city must be considered a “business destination,” that is, an economic and financial center, or demanded by clients. Beirut, which was seriously damaged by a port explosion in 2020 and the capital of Lebanon suffers from strong political instability, is not included.

The authors point out that Kyiv had to be excluded from the report in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. At the same time, Moscow (80) landed fifteen places.

Bei uber 30 Grad Celsius lässt es sich in einem schattigen Wald gut aushalten.

These eight hiking trails are set in the middle of cool forests. Perfect for enjoying nature while in the shade.

The report’s head to EIU Upasana Dutt explained that “Eastern European cities have fallen in the rankings due to increased geopolitical risks” and “the cost of living crisis, including rising energy and food prices.” New indicators such as health restrictions have been introduced into the 2021 index to assess the effects of the pandemic. Thus the average quality of life rebounded in 2022, but remained below the pre-Covid level.

Damascus remains the least welcoming city in the world. At the bottom of the ranking are also cities such as Lagos (Nigeria), Tripoli (Libya) or Algiers (Algeria).

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