“Luna Rossa was lucky. Not worthy of Alinghi 2003” – OA Sport

“Luna Rossa was lucky. Not worthy of Alinghi 2003” – OA Sport

So far, the New Zealand press has taken a more independent approach than the British one. The British did not fail to bite Luna Rossa almost repeatedly, showing great confidence in their means: we all know how it ended … Now, a week after the start ofAmerica’s CupHowever, the attitude of the Maori media is also beginning to change: the provocations have all started Prada Pirelli team.

According to portal reporter David Long thingsAnd Luna Rossa went on to win the Prada Cup by luck! The article writes verbatim: “On round robin, they had three wins and three defeats (actually the wins were four, ed.), but they only got their first win because American Magic flipped after building a huge advantage (not so, because Luna Rossa had previously defeated the Americans as well in the first regatta). , editor). The other two victories came because the Americans did not turn up. Sure, Luna Rossa had a lot of work to do to get to the America’s Cup and congratulate him on getting there. They then defeated American Magic 4-0 and Ineos over Team UK 7-1. Sir Ben’s boat suffered light winds and Luna Rossa was lucky, as all but one of the boat races took place in these conditions. The only time the UK team won was in the sixth race where there were 12 knots, still not enough to tie the two boats, but enough to defeat the Italians. Knowing that they had an inferior boat, Ainsley and Scott decided to be more aggressive at first. Last Sunday they both won (the departing, editor), then they were crossed. So victories against American Magic and Ineos UK are not as certain as they seem.”.

In short, New Zealanders were certainly not very kind to Italians, quite the contrary. Long ago then lifted before, almost Luna Rossa completely ignores it and compares it to Alinghi’s Swiss in 2003: “No one knows the value of Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa, but this time it seems unlikely that a blue bucket will be needed to save the Kiwi boat, as was the case in the terrible defense of 2003. It is also worth noting that Alinghi also won. Tougher choice of competitors against eight other competitors. Alinghi has won 26 of the 30 Louis Vuitton Cup races, and Luna Rossa has won 12 of the 16 races, including the American Magic title.“.

America’s Cup, Luna Rossa ignored by New Zealanders. Between inaccuracy and clichés

Lucky that I almost always found the light wind and did not reach the level of Alinghi that made all the residents cry in 2003. New Zealanders have finally shed the mask: This is what they think of Luna Rossa. So they are no different from the British. It will be up to men again Max Siren Try to get them to think again where it really matters: at sea.

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Photo: Luna Rossa Press

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