Luna Rossa - New Zealand finish 2-2.  Historic day for Italy

Luna Rossa – New Zealand finish 2-2. Historic day for Italy

Red Moon Brilliant in the third regatta of the 36th America’s Cup in Auckland, then was penalized for fourth place in one of the most uncertain challenges ever: after the second day it was 2-2. Nevertheless, it is a historic day for Italy: none of our boats won two races in the America’s Cup, the only point was in 1992 when the Moro di Venezia was against America 3 which won 4-1.


Invasion of the fan boat and then happy departure

After a happy start compared to New Zealand’s, Luna Rossa led all six sides of the course, winning a 37-inch advantage and reaching 2-1 (another case we’ve never seen in 170 years of history). The regatta was preceded by fears of not being able to race due to too light winds, and the two boats managed to get out into the sea, and they began a pre-start duel, but the jury halted operations by delaying the start to 16.23 (Italian 4.23): a boat invaded spectators, among the hundreds who had gathered To create a stadium on the sea, the racetrack borders. At that point, Luna Rosa and New Zealand were able to challenge each other, but a very early maneuver by Te Rihotai allowed Sipilo & C to enter the starting area in a favorable position, reacting to opponents’ moves and increasing the advantage that soon became unsurpassable. Ten seconds at the first gate, then 13 seconds, which became 27 on one side as Luna Rossa decided to select New Zealand, to enter the advantage and wind management stage that made the Italian boat reach the finish by 38 seconds. “Our race was clean,” he commented. Francesco Bruni, one of Luna Rossa’s co-pilots“We saw our competitors catch up, but we stayed calm and followed our path.”

America’s Cup, sailing like rugby: New Zealand fears Spithill, Luna Rossa, and Alabai

by Mattia Chiusano

Another story in the fourth race

The situation was reversed in the fourth race. The New Zealanders seemed to be well ahead of the starting line, and Luna Rossa veered to the right parallel to the opponents in the first leg, but weak winds off track E, farthest from the mainland, fired a relentless New Zealander that she managed. To make the left side richer in the wind. Luna Rossa attempted to engage in duels on the first side of the Six Parties, and discovered with astonishment that Te Rehutai led by Peter Burling followed her own ways, without responding with signs to the movements of two helmsmen Bruni and Spithill. At one point, both Luna Rossa’s sheets found themselves in the water, with the boat having to re-take the so-called take-off on the “wings”, a difficult situation for Luna Rossa who had instead proven impregnable in the previous regatta.


In addition to the advantage that has become insurmountable – 9 seconds off the first gate to 34, then 48 to a late 58 – Luna Rossa’s team has discovered new things that completely negate tonight’s predictions. If there was talk in the days leading up to the America’s Cup about the incredible speed of the New Zealand boat, what impressed me most was the ability to ride in light winds like those in Race 4 at the Hauraki gofo. The conditions he should have preferred Luna Rossa. In this context of great uncertainty, the third day of the regatta is expected, on Italian night between Friday and Saturday. But for Italian sailing, it’s still a day of celebration.

America’s Cup: The Gift Deed in 1887 and the Challenge of New Zealand Court 100 Years Later

In Carlo Marinkovic

Spithill: “They are the favourites, but we know how to win”

“We’re 2-2, the boats have been doing really well,” Luna Rossa assistant captain Jimmy Spiethel commented. “It was a good day for both of us. Let’s see what happens now. The start of the fourth race was in their favour, and that had a huge impact. We couldn’t get to the right side and then we made a little effort wrong. But I am satisfied with the performance. Definitely the start is very important, the boats are very similar in Different wind conditions, but we will have to test it further in the water. It remains a favourite, but we have shown that we know how to win.” Blair Tuck, flight controller from New Zealand, is satisfied: “Perfect race, we took advantage of the start and drove us to the end. Being up front is better, we had free space and then took control of the lead. A very important point and a win.”

My mistake Bruni

Ready to meet the other official, Checco Bruno, talking about the water-soaked chips in the second race: “Mistakes? Could they happen. We did a bad maneuver, we lost a hundred meters, I don’t know if we could have been circumvented. But it was possible. To be worse, I don’t feel good but that’s how it is. Everyone can make mistakes, but it won’t happen again.” However, the satisfaction felt that we continued apace for the America’s Cup: “Today is very positive and ends with one point. We sailed well in the first regatta, with a convincing start, while in the second we sailed very well. Reservation did not allow us to stay on the side Right. I can’t wait to look at the data to see how we can improve.”

In Auckland the 36th America’s Cup is held sailing between Luna Rosa Prada Pirelli and Emirates Team New Zealand, the world’s oldest sports cup born in 1851.
The boats used are AC75 class yachts with 11 men on board.
New Zealand is the holders of the cup (defender) which they won in the last edition (2017) in Bermuda.
Luna Rossa got the challenge role by winning the Prada Cup over American Magic and Ineos Team UK.
You compete with match racing formula, one boat against the other in top 13 boat races: whoever finishes first in 7 wins.

‘Ganga’ launches Checco Bruni: ‘Many heroes in Luna Rossa, he can do it’

by Simona Casalini


Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli – UAE National Team New Zealand 2-2

The night of Tuesday 9 / Wednesday 10 March
Station 1: New Zealand b. Luna Rossa 31″
Gaara 2: Luna Rosa b. New Zealand 7”.

Thursday night 11 / Friday 12 March
Gaara 3: Luna Rosa b. New Zealand 37″
Station 4: New Zealand b. Luna Rossa 1’03”

Friday night 12 / Saturday 13 March
5th race: 4 hours
Race 6: To continue

Saturday 13th / Sunday 14th March Night
Seventh race: 4 hours
Race 8: To continue

Sunday night 14 / Monday 15 March
Race 9: 4 hours
Race 10: To continue

Monday 15th / Tuesday 16th March Night
Race 11: 4 hours
Race 12: To continue

The night of Tuesday 16 / Wednesday 17 March
Race 13:4 hours

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