Luna Rossa has a twin: Barcelona 2 Made in Bergamo leaves for New Zealand

Luna Rossa has a twin: Barcelona 2 Made in Bergamo leaves for New Zealand

The second hull of the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team, bound for New Zealand, departed yesterday from Bergamo Airport – Orio al Serio. The boat 2, which was built at the Persico Marine shipyard in Bergamo, just over ten kilometers from the airport, carried exceptional transport and proceeded aboard the Antonov 124-100, one of the largest cargo aircraft in circulation. The cargo, which also includes a mast and one of the support boats, will arrive in Auckland after 38 hours of the journey and two stops in the United Arab Emirates and Indonesia, after which it will be transferred to the new base. From the team, at Hobson Wharf, where Barca 2 is slated to release in late October.

“It’s an important day for our challenge. I want to take this opportunity to thank Persico Marine and all the people involved for the work done. We look forward to being able to put Barca 2 in the water as well and start sailing the Hauraki,” said Max Serena, Team Leader and Team Manager. Did you know that Luna Rossa is made in Bergamo”? Mayor Giorgio Gori wrote on Twitter, and also posted photos of the huge hull inside the plane. Prada’s boat competes for the Circolo della Vela Sicilia in Palermo. Formula 1 for the sea, in short, is a partnership that stretches from south to north.

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