Lotto-Dstny and Burgos BH begin the hunt for points

Lotto-Dstny and Burgos BH begin the hunt for points

The first official race of 2024 (excluding National Championships) in New Zealand kicks off tonight with the race New Zealand Classic Course. We have the opportunity to evaluate the challenges of the event led by Jorge Sandoval, which will be ranked 2.2 on the UCI Oceania Tour calendar.

Full of confidence for some

For those whose future is guaranteed in the short term, e.g Portal, Corey, Power or even Jacksonit will be primarily a matter of validating the work carried out during the recession, by realizing why the first success has not already been achieved in 2024, just to start with full confidence, thinking about the trip to Europe after the sequence in Oceania with a little more serenity. .

Get noticed by others

For others, especially former Bolton residents, it will be a matter of attracting attention, so why not hope for a last-minute contract for the 2024 season. This could for example be the case. Ryan Christensen. Young talents like Tom Stephenson They will try to put themselves forward to attract the attention of recruiters.

And hope to get Lotto-Destiny and Burgos BH points

This will be one of the main challenges of the race, because even if Lotto-Dstny and Burgos-BH have not sent a team at the start of the race, they will have the opportunity to score via the riders who will be present inside the race. New Zealand national team. This will be the case of Logan Curry in Lotto, and the Aaron Jett-George Jackson duo in Burgos. There is no doubt that the leaders of the two professional team formations will be closely monitoring the results every day, because the top three in each stage will score points, as will everyone who finished in the top ten in the overall classification.

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