Lord of the Rings on Amazon will be the most expensive series ever

Lord of the Rings on Amazon will be the most expensive series ever

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In the era of the coronavirus pandemic, the live broadcasting industry has gained more power. Platforms specializing in this field are investing more and more money in the exclusive works to be broadcast there. This is the case of Amazon that decided to invest a whopping $ 465 million for its series The Lord of the Rings.

The Lord of the Rings franchise has become a global juggernaut financially. Be it the original trilogy or the Hobbit Saga, these movies are some of the highest franchises of all time. Amazon is well aware of this and the company has not skimped on to ensure that this is also the case for the franchisees to be streamed on the Amazon Prime video streaming platform. In fact, producing the first season of the show would have cost Amazon a whopping $ 465 million.

The series is currently filming in New Zealand, and not much is known yet when it will end up. But with the budget allocated for it, fans are hoping for something big, and it should be according to Stuart Nash, New Zealand’s Minister of Economic Development and Tourism. ” It would be the greatest TV series ever He specifically stated to the New Zealand media Things. And the minister is well positioned to know this, as Amazon has reached an agreement with the New Zealand government to develop its chain, so the minister is one of the supervisors of the project.

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If the budget for WandaVision of Disney + – $ 225 million for 9 episodes – is truly impressive, nothing compares to Amazon that will spend more than twice that amount on the Lord of the Rings series.

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