Longueuil Basin.  Intersyndicale gathers at Espace Aimé-Césaire in Mont-Saint-Martin on May 1st

Longueuil Basin. Intersyndicale gathers at Espace Aimé-Césaire in Mont-Saint-Martin on May 1st

Labor Day Monday 1any May The Intersyndicale du Pays-Haut organizes a joint meeting at the Espace Aimé-Césaire in Mont-Saint-Martin. An opportunity to meet and discuss the news of the moment, in particular the reform of the pension system.

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United against pension reform and the transition to 64, the Pays-Haut Meurthe-et-Moselle unions decide to hold a joint rally on Monday 1any May at Espace Aimé-Césaire in Mont-Saint-Martin. From 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., union representatives will present meetings, performances, and restaurants. This gathering will take place, depending on the weather, outdoors, in the covered space or in the auditorium.


Therefore, this year’s motto is unity in the face of the government’s desire to pass the pension reform. The mayor of Mont-Saint-Martin, Serge de Carly, will introduce the rally with a speech at 11 am. This is followed by other words and then an aperitif offered by the city. Food and refreshments will be served throughout the day. The associations at Pays-Haut will present various DJs and booths. Boris Maxant will be the weeping.

the first

On the moderation side, CGT will take care of the barbecue while CFDT will provide pastries and games to win these famous free pastries. A platform will be installed inside the Espace Aimé-Césaire. “This is the first time that different unions have been united,” CFDT, OGBL, CFE-CGC and Snuip FSU representatives noted. Dances and concerts will be offered during the day. This is 1any – May is still festive, but also a retirement protest at 64, the resumption of trade unionists. Like the various gatherings, pans in hand, which took place in the sector but also throughout France.

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What’s next for action?

Regarding pensions, trade unionists remain vigilant regarding the opinion of the Constitutional Council of May 3 and should meet in the process to decide on follow-up actions to be taken in Pays-Haut. The anti-pensions movement has brought together various activists for this union. This grouping of 1any – May is another way to find yourself than at demonstrations, ”the trade unionists conclude.

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