London police impose 20 fines for violations of anti-Covid rules during lockdowns

London police impose 20 fines for violations of anti-Covid rules during lockdowns

The first penalties after “Partygate”. The London Police announced, Tuesday, March 29, that it has imposed twenty fines for violations of the anti-Covid rules during the celebrations organized in the circles of British power, in particular during periods of confinement. However, Scotland Yard did not specify in a press release who the persons subject to the sanctions are.

This scandal plunged the prime minister, Boris Johnson, into an unprecedented crisis. While contemplating an expulsion seat in January in the face of defections in its majority, the conservative leader appears to have weathered the crisis, particularly by promoting his leadership role in the sanctions imposed on Russia after the invasion of Ukraine. But the conclusions of the police, who consider that the crimes did indeed take place in Downing Street, could re-launch the case, especially if it is revealed that Boris Johnson was directly targeted with a fine.

Scotland Yard investigated dozens of gatherings in 2020 and 2021. The British Prime Minister is said to have attended some of them. The revelations of these occasional celebratory events in places of power during the pandemic, when Britons were asked to drastically reduce their social interactions to fight the spread of Covid-19, has shaken the power.

Boris Johnson, whose popularity fell sharply after this scandal, became his my fault Before the deputies and ruled out any resignation, relying on the findings of police investigations. The police have not yet finished their investigations, but they promised to put them in “everything” to make him advance “quickly”. Additional fines can follow if there is sufficient evidence of violations.

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Once the police phase was known on Tuesday, the opposition Labor and Liberal Democrats again demanded the departure of Boris Johnson, whom they hold responsible. “The prime minister must resign or the Conservative MPs must remove him.”And the Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey tweeted.

The Conservative Party leader was criticized in a previous report by senior civil servant Sue Gray, who pointed out that Errors in leadership and judgment. He is expected to release his full report once the police investigation is complete.

In the midst of the storm, many of Boris Johnson’s entourage, including his influential political advisor, Munira Mirza, who had worked with him for 14 years, resigned.

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