LoL: First 2v2v2v2 mode balancing patch with nerfs for OP heroes!

LoL: First 2v2v2v2 mode balancing patch with nerfs for OP heroes!

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definitely Riot Games seems to be paying close attention to its new game mode. Not only is the majority of the reactions extremely enthusiastic, however Many players have decided to try this mod outright over the next few weeks. Considering it was there Reset the ladder at the same timeThe success of this new game mode is far from anecdotal. His developers Pay special attention reminiscent of ARAM (The last permanent mode was added), and he did not hesitate to publish the first small patch, specifying that it could only be the first.

On the list: nerves, a lot of nerves

Some of the heroes were very powerful in this game mode, and were hit hard by the nerf hammer. tAll Tibbers’ damage sources have been decimatedIn order to put an end to Annie’s dominance. Since Tibbers are the main reason to play this game mode, these changes could have a significant impact on their popularity. summoners level, Heimerdinger was also targeted by nervesIt loses a lot of damage on its towers, but buffs its damage to compensate. finally, Illaoi’s claw damage has also been reducedwhile the hero will now get an additional 5% damage.

Chaco is also taken as equalt, with a power nerf to a passive that will recharge more slowly, as well as a power nerf to chests fear period, which will not increase with spell levels. the Taric is passive He was also nerfed, to prevent him from making his ally too powerful. Cain and Cale were also flipping out, and they both lose 10% of their total damage. Cain was punished with a double penalty, as he would deal an additional 10% damage. Two characters have been buffed: Lux and Zoe Both saw negative percentage increase from 20% to 35% AP.

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At the level of general changes, the Critical hits will now deal more damage (x1.9 instead of x1.75) and Dash boost is improved. On the other side Jinsu was flipping, losing AS, AD, and AP (This way, no one gets jealous!). Riot Games announced that it has Other heroes are on the horizonLike Mondo and Jax. Developers too Very attentive to the strength of certain associations of archers and magicians Which would wreak havoc on a very high level.

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