Live-vaccination: 10 million French people received two doses

Live-vaccination: 10 million French people received two doses


In light of the social crisis, Tunisia is trying to save what can be saved from a tourist season that promises to burden the poor health situation – once again -. On April 29, the country reopened its borders to tour operators, who ferry the majority of vacationers residing in Tunisia. However, deaths related to Covid-19 have just peaked, and the increase in hospitalizations has sparked fears of a lack of oxygen, so much so that the country announced a new one-week confinement in early May.

Since then, up to ten flights per week have landed at Enfidha Airport, which serves touristy towns such as Hammamet and Sousse, mainly from Russia and Eastern Europe. Typically marginal compared to Western European units, these operatives have already played a lifeline after the 2015 attacks at the Bardo Museum and in Sousse (60 dead including 59 tourists), bringing this vital sector to its knees economy.

But we are still far from the target: overall revenue has decreased by 54% compared to the same period last year, and yet it has already been marked by the epidemic. The difference is over 60% compared to 2019, reaching 144 million euros as of May 10, compared to 404 million euros two years ago.

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