Live shooting of a missile with a helicopter continued

Live shooting of a missile with a helicopter continued

Rocket Lab Helicopter

The helicopter must try to catch a missile in mid-air, when returning from a mission. The process can be followed directly.

Rocket Lab’s mission in a nutshell

  • when ? On November 4, 2022, the V.I.T 6:15 p.m (Paris time).

  • where ? At the Mahia Launch Center, in the far north of New Zealand.

  • what Sending a commercial satellite and especially recovering the first stage of the rocket by helicopter, in full flight.

What is the task?

It is a mission led by the US company Rocket Lab and has two components. The first is routine: it involves sending a satellite into a sun-synchronous orbit (at an altitude of 585 kilometres). Rocket Lab is no newbie in this area. He has already flown 31 missions with his electronic missile (28 successes, 3 failures).

This is the second part of the mission Which is the real challenge : It’s actually a matter of deploying a helicopter over the vast coasts of New Zealand Catch the first stage of the Electron rocket in flight, once his mission is complete. For this purpose, the helicopter has a maneuverable pole for attaching sail or parachute lines.

Sikorsky helicopter

Sikorsky helicopter

This is about Second attempt like this.

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