Live men’s chase Tokyo 2020, Italy and New Zealand: live scores

LIVE – Tokyo 2020, Cycling: Chasing the men, there’s Italy and New Zealand. Live results

Filippo Jana

Live written from the first round ofmen chase team, the queen of discipline for track cycling at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Italy challenges New Zealand In the third round of the four qualifiers: If won, the blue quartet of Consonni, Ganna, Lamon and Milan will fly for the final play for the gold medal after the qualifiers closed in second place. we leave in 9:22 AM Italian, at 16:22 local time, with Italy and New Zealand time at 9:36. Sportface will tell you everything in real time, with live writing and live updates so you never miss a thing about this very important event.

Follow the live broadcast starting at 9:20 a.m.

How do you see the races on TV

Tokyo 2020 live medals

The Italians in the race August 3

Tokyo 2020 full program

Update the live broadcast

10:20 – Denmark in the final against Italy with a big difference of 3 km. news

10:00 – We await the official communication on the challenge between Denmark and Great Britain.

9:50 – A loud fall, a Danish runner falls trying to beat an opponent and they all end up on the ground.

Tokyo 2020, men’s cycling team follow up on the track: star Italy, world record and final


9:41 – Italy now has a slight advantage at two kilometres.

9:40 a.m. – New Zealand is leading past the first kilometer.

9:39 – It’s time for the blue quartet of Filippo Gana, Simone Consone, Francesco Lamon NS Jonathan Milan vs New Zealand.

9:37 – Australia set a new Olympic record at 3.44.402, swept Switzerland (3.49.111)

9:32 – now Australia – Switzerland.

9:30 – Canada wins the Battery in 3.46.769, Germany in 3.48.861.

9:25 – The first match between Germany and Canada.

9:15 – Hello and welcome, good readers of, soon the male chase challenges will begin.

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