LIVE – Covid-19: Threshold of 3 million deaths has been crossed

LIVE – Covid-19: Threshold of 3 million deaths has been crossed

The threshold of 3 million deaths worldwide

More than 3 million Covid-19 deaths have been officially recorded worldwide since its discovery in China in December 2019, according to an AFP count from reports provided by health authorities, on Saturday at 08:30. GMT.

After a slight lull in March, the number of daily deaths is on the rise again worldwide, with an average of more than 12,000 deaths per day last week. While some countries like Israel appear to be reaping the benefits of rapid vaccination campaigns, others like India are facing a new spike in pollution.

The first stage of dismantling is in Italy on April 26

In Italy, President of the Italian Council Mario Draghi announced Friday evening that the first stage of the dismantling will be possible with the aim of improving the numbers and the vaccination campaign that is going well.

Restaurants and schools should be able to reopen on April 26, outdoor swimming pools on May 15, gymnasiums and weight rooms on June 1 and trade fairs and trade fairs on July 1.

Joe Biden supports Japan, which is determined to organize the Olympic Games “this summer”

US President Joe Biden offered his support to Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, who said on Friday from the White House that his country is determined to limit the spread of the Corona virus and organize the “summer” Olympic Games “with complete safety.”

“I informed President Biden of my determination to organize the Tokyo Olympics and the Paralympics this summer as a symbol of global unity,” he said in a joint press conference with President Biden.

“Japan is listening and learning from the WHO and experts,” he added, and was making every effort to prepare for the games.

He said in a joint statement that Joe Biden “supports Prime Minister Suga’s efforts to preserve the integrity of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

The Chinese Coronavac vaccine is 80% effective in preventing deaths, according to a study published by the Chilean government

A first study published Friday by the government of Chile, one of the most developed countries in the world, showed that the Chinese Coronavac vaccine has proven effective 67% in preventing cases with symptoms of Covid-19 and 80% in preventing deaths. In terms of vaccination.

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The study also showed an efficiency of 85% in preventing hospitalization for severe cases of Covid-19 and 89% in preventing a patient from entering intensive care.

Chile, with a population of 19 million, is the most vaccinated country in Latin America and one of the first in the world. The most vulnerable people, depending on their age or exposure to risk of contamination, have been targeted as a matter of priority.

* The study covers 10.5 million people who were vaccinated, partially vaccinated (single dose) and unvaccinated, and was conducted between February 2 and April 1.

Martinique is confined again from Saturday

A new confinement went into effect on Saturday in Martinique. This is the third since the beginning of the epidemic.

On Thursday evening, Governor Stanislas Caziles invoked the need to “reduce contacts” in the hope of curbing the spread of the virus, “especially the English alternative that is getting more widespread and wreaking havoc.”

The number of Covid patients has not stopped increasing in recent weeks.

The Canadian province of Ontario hardens and expands its containment range

Its Prime Minister, Doug Ford, announced Friday that Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, is working to tighten and expand its containment to curb the epidemic by significantly closing its borders to non-essential travel.

On Friday, the Canadian province, which has a population of 14 million, recorded 4,812 new cases of COVID-19, unheard of since the start of the epidemic, and 25 deaths.

“We are losing the ongoing battle between variants and vaccines,” Doug Ford said at a news conference.

India holds containment on weekends

In India, which is threatening to become the next epicenter of the epidemic, a weekend lockdown goes into effect on Saturday.

The Hindu-religious festival Kumbh Mela, which has been taking place in the north of the country since January, has attracted 25 million people without masks or spaces, including 4.6 million in two days this week.

India recorded more than 217,000 new infections on Friday in the past 24 hours.

More than 30,400 patients are still hospitalized in France

309 people have died from the Corona virus during the past 24 hours, according to the latest report published by the French Public Health Authority on Friday evening.

The number of new cases registered within 24 hours was 36,442 cases, compared to 38,045 the previous day. The positivity rate – the percentage of people infected among those tested – was 9.6% for the past seven days.

30,472 people were hospitalized with Covid-19 infection, or 2,044 new admissions compared to the previous day. There are currently 5,914 patients in intensive care, which represents 463 new admissions within 24 hours.

12,287,795 French people received the first dose of the Covid vaccine

12,287,795 people received a first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in France, according to Health Ministry reports Friday evening, while 44,10619 French received a second dose.

Ferran warns that there will be “announcements in the coming weeks.”

The next day New encounters on Emmanuel Macron on the topic of the health crisisHealth Minister Olivier Ferrand wanted to give prospects to the French, and to show that things are moving forward.

during’A trip to the vaccination center in Manosque (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence) On Friday, he welcomed the progress made in the vaccination campaign and, incidentally, announced that “nearly 100% of nursing home residents” have received a dose of vaccine so far.

Then Olivier Ferrand welcomed the fact that “the improvement (in the indicators) appears to be emerging”. He said: “But I am still cautious, because it is too early to determine. More than 30 thousand cases of pollution, are still very high in our country.” And noting that lifting the curfew at 7 pm is not present in the program at this time.

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“Our efforts are paying off”: has the epidemic really starting to take hold in France?

“There appears to be an improvement.” Since Thursday, little music has been needed within the government, which indicates that the restrictive measures imposed between the end of March and the beginning of April are starting to bear fruit at the national level.

In Alpes-de-Haute-Provence on Fridays, The Minister of Health welcomed the fact that “it seems that there is an improvement (in indicators) that is emerging.”While Gabriel Attal also mentioned the previous day, “We notice (1) the beginning of stability at the national level and a slight improvement in the first 16 provinces concerned with the procedures.”

The relative stability of the epidemic was mentioned by the government spokesman again. On a Friday afternoon in the Jura, he went so far as to state: “Our efforts are paying off.” “We are beginning to measure the effects of the curbing measures applied” and “we are seeing the beginning of a decrease in the incidence and stabilization of the epidemic”.

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Imminent threshold 3 million deaths

The threshold of at least three million deaths due to the Covid-19 pandemic is expected to be crossed worldwide since its emergence at the end of 2019, and the race for vaccination continues.

At least 298,7891 people have died since the WHO’s office in China announced the outbreak of the disease at the end of December 2019, according to an AFP report on Friday from official sources.

These numbers are generally underestimated because they are based on daily reports of national health authorities, without including statistical reassessments.

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