LIVE - Covid-19: Presidential majority 'does not want' to confine the unvaccinated, says Castaner

LIVE – Covid-19: Presidential majority ‘does not want’ to confine the unvaccinated, says Castaner

Possibility of obtaining adherence to the recommended vaccination in Martinique

The government-mandated mediation at Martinique University Hospital, where joint unions oppose the health card and vaccination obligation for caregivers, recommended Friday that the commitment be postponed to December 31, the end date of the health emergency in this external department.

In a letter to ministries of health and the Overseas Territories, national mediator Daniel Toplier formulated six recommendations to “maintain capacity for patient care” at CHU in Martinique, who “fear a deterioration of care with the division” that prevails among hospital teams.

Tentatively scheduled for October 24, after the first exemption, the first injection is scheduled for December 6. The second dose, which was due to be mandatory on November 15 on the island, will be pushed back to December 31.

According to the latest figures from the Regional Health Agency (ARS), 700 people have died from Covid-19 in Fort-de-France CHU since the start of the pandemic, and only 38.6% of adults 12 and over attend a full vaccination schedule.

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