List of cities where life is good

List of cities where life is good

Exclusive – Rent cost, safety, health, economy, weather, cultural life, education… Le Figaro Ranked the best cities in Spain to settle in when you are a French worker, student or retiree.

Whether traveling abroad to study, work or retire, Spain remains one of the first choices for the French. In 2022, there were more than 82 thousand of our compatriots living outside the Pyrenees, a number that increases by 4% over one year. From the weather to the cost of living, the advantages of settling in our southern neighbors are many. However, not all cities are equal. To carefully choose your approved municipality, you need to get rid of some preconceptions and carefully examine the numerical indicators.

Le Figaro Data from 30 most populous Spanish cities were reviewed. We compared them on the basis of about twenty criteria grouped into eight categories. Here we present two classifications. The first targets workers and students, and the second targets retirees. Discover all the results to achieve success in your installation project in Spain.

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