Linea Rossa’s new Spring / Summer 2021 campaign honors sport

Linea Rossa’s new Spring / Summer 2021 campaign honors sport

Prada: Linea Rossa’s new Spring-Summer 2021 campaign pays homage to sport (Sunday, April 11, 2021)
The body has always been the main source of inspiration Prada Line Rossa. Metropolitan clothing is designed to improve form and encourage movement, to liberate the wearer by providing innovative technology and modern luxury. For the group spring/Property 2021, The The country side Prada Line Rossa 2021 Reinvent iconographyLine RossaThe new proposals are to demarcate the areas allocated to them sport, A global brand recognized by societies around the world. over there Line Rossa It identifies and unifies different skate parks in Los Angeles (USA) and Shanghai (China), tracing new areas and spaces for …Read on velvetmag


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Work will be partially resumed at the Montelupo Fiorentino plant by one the new The craft, industrial and partial organization of his Lifan plant Prada. else …

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“Let’s defend the pitch in Prada.” Nation

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“Let’s defend the pitch in Prada.”

“Do not cancel the Prada stadium.” To ask out loud, it is a resident of the Historic Quarter, Graziana Pacetti, who chose to work hard to save the dirt area that …

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