Lewis Clareport National 400 mixed record number 2 in the world

Lewis Clareport National 400 mixed record number 2 in the world

New Zealand National Championships (NZL)

New Zealand set a new national record on the second day of the national championship for the 21-year-old Lewis Clarport.

The Capital Swimming Club player swam her best ever to win the gold medal in the men’s 400m multiplayer with a time of 4: 09.87.

Time is also the new national record, lowering the previous record it set for itself at 4: 12.07. Clearport He set the record during the 2019 World Championships Final in Gwangju, where he won the bronze medal.

In 2018, he also won a medal in the Commonwealth Games, always at 400 medals. Thanks to 4:14:42, he climbed to the third step of the podium.

Comparing Clareburt’s swim in 2019 to tonight’s performance, the first part of the race is almost unchanged, 2: 00.61 versus 2: 00.43 about two years ago. The real difference is seen in the frog part. In Gwangju swam the third leg of the race in 1: 12.71, achieved today in 1: 11.35. Also worth noting is the last 50 freestyle at 28.84.

Previous record:

The time is rated Clarport As the second performer in the world this season after the Japanese Daya Sito

2 Ilya
Ross 4: 11.50 10/29
3 Wang
CHN 4: 11.85 3/1
4 run out
they 4: 12.60 03/25
5 Yuki
JPN 4: 12.84 02/20

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