Les Bleuets is up against Welsh

Les Bleuets is up against Welsh

Paul Roget, Media 365: Posted on Tue Jul 4, 2023 at 11:30 am.

Les Bleuets, one step away from their last four World Cup matches, will take on the Welshman on Tuesday with eleven changes of form against the New Zealanders.

“Very strong” for the Baby Blacks last Thursday, their coach Clark Laidlaw admitted, the Beloites will attempt to finish their group stage of the Under-20 World Cup in South Africa with their third win in as many matches, on Tuesday against the Welshman in Athlone. , a suburb of Cape Town. Big winners from Japan in the opening (75-12) and then, in mysterious circumstances, the New Zealanders (35-14), although the pace slowed down in the second half, Sébastien Calvet’s players must now validate their qualification for the tournament. The semi-finals, a stage reached four times in the last five editions by the double title holder, and five times in total. They are well positioned to achieve this with 10 points on the clock, the highest total of the three groups, including the three winners, plus the second-best, taking part in the semi-finals scheduled for Sunday.

“a great challenge” for the Welsh

And the director of the tricolor decided to take turns with this last group meeting A total of eleven changes. Absent from Japan but impressive against New Zealand, the overpowered Bosulu Tuilagi, logically elected into the match after his doubles and genuine appearances, holds his place, unlike skipper Lenny Nushi, recovering arm by Nicolas Deporteri, or the hinge composed by Baptiste Jono. and Hugo Rios. They will have to be wary of an opponent who has improved since their last encounter, a crushing win for Les Bleuets in Oyonnax as part of the Six Nations Championship (67 to 17).

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Today the Blueberries play their World Championship semi-final #FranceU20 #NeFaisonsXV #WorldRugbyU20s lt; a
Blown out by the New Zealanders in their first match (26-27), the Welsh outperformed the Japanese, even if they were “rough” at times as Archie Hughes, senior Test scorer and man-of-the-match vote, admitted. expected now A “real physical challenge” against France. ‘A big challenge’ Even, for his trainer Mark Jones, is well aware of the scale of the task.

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