Leon down the boss

Leon down the boss

After six straight wins, Toulouse suffered their first setback of the season in the top 14 on the turf of the Lyon Volunteers, but they played to intimidate themselves at the end of the game (25-19).

This time, Toulouse fell well! Manhand at Biarritz then struggled long against Pau In the last two games, Ugo Mula’s players have seen their six-game undefeated streak since the start of the season come to an end. Ambitious and determined, LOU knew how to put in all the ingredients to achieve a top-tier performance despite the less successful but more united finish of the match. After the start of the match in which both teams grabbed the ball without being able to exploit it much, it was a mistake by Demba Bamba that allowed Thomas Ramos to open the score 45 meters from the poles. But that only launched Lyonnais. In fact, upon dismissal, Baptiste Germain was pressured by Josua Tuisova. Substitute Antoine Dupont, who was avoided at the start of the match, finally lost the ball at 22 metres. Possession of the Rhone ball that Pekka Saginadze did not fail to improve by flattening the first attempt of the match on a perfect gap of Leo Perdue. The continuation of the first chapter of this closing meeting came for the seventh day of the best 14 matches in the scoring duel between Thomas Ramos, author of two successes after errors on the ground of the Rhone, and Leo Perdieu.

Take the chance

The latter caused an interference in the air by his opponent and then himself dispensed justice. In this mini-game, LOU found his own locker room at Matmut Stadium in Gerland by just one small point. However, when they returned to the artificial turf, Pierre Mignone’s players resumed their march forward. Four minutes into the first half, following an interception by Thibaut Rigaard, Lyon did not hesitate to play and move the ball in front of a stretched Toulouse defense. After a penetration from Josua Tuisova, who thwarted four interventions, the chistera allowed him to find Dylan Cretin. The third row of LOU did not miss the opportunity to add to the bill by flattening the corner. If, shortly, Thomas Ramos managed to raise Toulouse’s balance to only three points, then the Rhone is not over yet. Weakened by the constant accusations of Lyon’s attack, Stade Toulouse’s defense allowed Baptiste Quelud to pass, who temporarily offered an offensive bonus to his team. He led his team with ten points, then Ugo Mola played his clown with Antoine Dupont entering the play. But, if the French international’s scrum half revolutionized his team at Biarritz, his impact was less so at Lyon.

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DuPont wasn’t enough

While Leo Perdue returned his team thirteen points on penalty kicks just over 20 minutes from the end of the game, Ethan Dumortier could have been costly for LOU. The Lyon winger was brought back to the bench for ten minutes to provide a striker of choice in the Toulouse match off the coast. A numerical superiority that Toulusan was able to take advantage of in four minutes. After a series of upwind play, Beto Mofaka took his chance, pushing a pass into Lyon’s defensive curtain to reduce his team to just six points. Therefore, LOU’s defense must be impeccable not to give Toulouse opportunities to make a difference. The excitement passed through Gerland’s distances 11 minutes after the end of the meeting when Antoine Dupont got the touchdown at five meters in a masterful 50:22. However, the Toulouse balloon attempt was stopped short and then pushed by the Rhone River. At the end of the match, Pierre Mignone fired his main star Lima Sopoaga in place of Leo Perdue and it was the New Zealand international who released his new fans after the sirens. Lyon achieved a real feat by dropping the French champions (25-19) and climbed to third in the standings. Toulouse, for its part, is still a leader but sees UBB go back to three lengths.

Fourteenth and seventh day
Saturday 16 October 2021
Brave – La Rochelle : 6-8
caster – Biarritz: 38-20
paw – Bordeaux Bagels : 33-37
Perpignan – Stade Francis Paris : 22-23
Montpellier – Claremont : 20-22
Toulon – Race 92 : 20-27

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Sunday 17 October 2021
leon – Toulouse: 19-25

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