Laurent Gbagbo announced his party's candidate for the 2025 presidential elections

Laurent Gbagbo announced his party's candidate for the 2025 presidential elections

In Ivory Coast, the Central Committee of the African People's Party (PPA-CI) named its leader, Laurent Gbagbo, as its candidate for the 2025 presidential elections on Saturday. This announcement came during an internal meeting, which was supposed to address ” National social and political situation “.

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With our correspondent in Abidjan. Benita Diagne

The Central Committee decided that Pres Laurent Gbagbo Either the PPA-CI candidate for the 2025 elections », we read in a press statement published after the meeting that took place in the presence of party leaders only. Former president of Cote d'IvoireHe agrees to be the PPA-CI's candidate in the 2025 presidential election », continues the text. The party selection must become official during a convention or convention that has not yet been scheduled.

Last August, Laurent Gbagbo asserted to the press that his assumption of the office of president was “not so.” It's no longer an obsession “.” I'm in politics because it's the job I know, and I'll be in politics until I die “, he added.

This announcement comes two weeks after the president Alassane Ouattara It granted amnesty to 51 people, including several activists and former military officials loyal to Laurent Gbagbo.

This same competitor has been benefiting from a presidential pardon since August 2022, but has been removed from the electoral rolls. In fact, Laurent Gbagbo is ineligible because his civil rights were suspended after his conviction The so-called “BCEAO” case.

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