Launching of the Revolutionary Communist Party in Switzerland –

Launching of the Revolutionary Communist Party in Switzerland –

The Communists want to found a new party in Switzerland, the Revolutionary Communist Party. About 200 of them gathered on Saturday at the People's Assembly in Bayan (BE) to develop their ideas and attract new members.

In a press release, the Marxist movement “The Spark” calls for the launch of the largest communist recruitment campaign in more than 100 years. The goal is to increase the number of members to 500 by May 10, the date of the founding conference.

The communist sympathizers are scheduled to launch a new newspaper entitled “The Communists,” which they hope will sell 5,000 copies within three months, between now and their conference. They also hope to raise 70,000 francs in donations during this time frame.

The struggle for the “world revolution”

“Capitalism finds itself in an insurmountable historical impasse. It cannot be saved,” says L’Espagne. The movement says it is fighting “for a global communist revolution carried out by the working class. This is the first step towards the true liberation of humanity and all human potential.”

Al-Sharara indicates that 35% of the Swiss population today support the abolition of capitalism. “Thousands of revolutionary activists want to become activists. But there is no revolutionary party that allows them to emerge from isolation and passivity.”


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