Last qualifiers before the New Zealand National Championship • TNTV Tahiti Nui Télévision

Last qualifiers before the New Zealand National Championship • TNTV Tahiti Nui Télévision

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100 metres, 200 metres, long and high jumps, or even triple jumps, shot put, hammers and discs: these are the events that athletes will compete in during the New Zealand National Championships. “It has to do with the New Zealand National Championships that we have been invited to. This allows us to set a mid-season deadline because our target is actually the French Championships in July and then the Games in the Solomon Islands in November.IAAF President Cecile Gilroy explains.

Saturday was the last day to perform in qualifying. Motivated, the athletes restricted testing. Several personal bests have been broken. Kovieva Tuugahala who shot 39m15 last weekend is bettered by her throw of 40m82. “I feel like I can do more, but you still have to apply the techniques to send more.”

In the 100 and 200 meters in the senior women’s category, Takena Bernardino doubled: “The goal was achieved but then it was rather times. There at 100 it’s very close to my personal record and I’ll see what it gives.”. “

A double also among the students: Batiri winner Manuihei Teaha broke his personal best in the 100m with a new time of 11sec 44. At 200m it’s 25sec 69.

Athletes do everything they can, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. In the high jump, Teanavai Perez will not go over the bar at 1m64.

For the union president, the results are generally promising: “Usually we plan to send a delegation of 8 athletes to the New Zealand Championships and this year, 8 athletes achieved the minimum. It often happened that we went to pick up athletes who did not achieve the minimum. This year, we may end up with more athletes who have achieved the minimum, So we may have to make decisions and make choices.

The New Zealand National Championships will be held from March 2-5 in Wellington. The Tahitian selection will fly away 10 days early to follow a week of training on site to be up to date on the big day.

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