La Villenavaise Nordic Tour at Espace d’Ornon, February 25, 2023, Espace d’Ornon Villenave-d’Ornon.

La Villenavaise North Walk Saturday February 25th, 9:30am at Espace d’Ornon
For everyone
100% natural event!

Espace Dornon Route de Lignan, 33140 Villeneuve-Doron Villeneuve-Doron 33140 Gironde-New Aquitaine [{“link”: “”}]The spacious main room called Jaï Alaï hosts Basque sports as well as various guild and municipal events, such as the Associations Forum, St. Patrick’s Day and certain shows.

The Villenavaise Sports Club is pleased to meet you for a new version of the traditional Villenavaise Nordic Walk.

You will find the vineyards of Château Olivier and Espace d’Ornon for the event.

In this year’s programme, 3 events:

  • La Villenavaise Nordic Walking Tour FFA Tour

A national FFA branded event, registered at LE MARCHE NORDIQUE TOUR FFA which will result in an official classification (for FFA competition licensees, running athlete, sports company and j’aime court pass). The event will be reserved for FFA license holders (see Nordic Walking Tour Regulations), and will take place on a 3km circuit covered 5 times which will cover a distance of 15km.
• The start will be offered at 1:30 pm on Saturday, February 25th.

  • The Villenave 12km Nordic Walking, singles or in pairs

The event will be open to all (licensed and non-licensed) categories of trainees (born in 2006).
Open to FFA licensees (FFA competition licenses, athletic running, corporate athletics, and running) and other federations or non-licensees (see Event Regulations).

  • Discover La Villenavaise Nordic Walking

It will be open to all and without classification. It will be supervised by sports health coaches and Nordic Walking coaches who will get to know you and help you discover the benefits of Nordic Walking.
A loan of sticks will be offered to you for this initiation.
• It will start at 10am on Saturday 25th February for a 7K run.

Full details of the program at CAV website

Start and end dates and times (year-month-day-hour):
2023-02-25 T09:30:00+01:00
2023-02-25 T17:00:00+01:00

Ornon Villenave-d’Ornon space