La Rochelle dominates the LOU

La Rochelle dominates the LOU

La Rochelle took advantage of Toulouse’s slip in Castries, defeating Lyon in his garden (38-23) and holding on to the leader of the Top 14 despite the end of the match in which Rochella left an offensive bonus.

A victory but also a touch of regret for La Rochelle. While the rejuvenated Toulouse team failed earlier in the day at Custer, Juno Gibbs and Ronan Ogara had the opportunity to regain the top of the top 14 teams. Offensive bonus against Leon. And whoever says an offensive bonus, he says he scores more attempts than the opponent. A principle applied by the Rochelle family from the third minute. After a herding game from Brice Dulin, Dillyn Leyds took advantage of his fast speed to grab the ball and flatten the first attempt of this meeting. However, if Ihaia West misses his first penalty kick, Jonathan Wisniewski faces less difficulty, and in less than ten minutes, he added two ground fouls from the Maritimes and reduced LOU to just one point. In the process, the La Rochelle striker regained precision to give air to his training. However, the lack of discipline of Charentais angered the referee of the meeting who, after a short half hour of play, Danny Brissot was released for ten minutes, accused of deliberate breakdown of the attack. Ten minutes in the numerical advantage Pierre Mignone’s players could not take advantage of.

La Rochelle managed to score at crucial moments

Even worse, it was the Rochelle who took advantage of this end from the first period to prove their control of this meeting. In fact, after a penalty kick, Ihaia West went there for his attempt before halftime. Three minutes after the warning siren was sounded, Maritim did not interrupt their efforts and increased playing time to destabilize the Lyon defense. Taking advantage of the surplus, the New Zealander burst into goal and, despite two opponents, shot behind the line to give Stade Rochelle 14 lengths at rest, but was unable to regain Marcel-Devlander’s Park. Touching, make way for Jules Le Bell. But that didn’t bother Ronan O’Gara’s players, who started Chapter 2 as if they were starting Chapter 1. In a good kick from Bryce Doolin, Delaine Leeds grabbed the ball to pass it to Geoffrey Domero, who put La Rochelle on the path to the offensive bonus. The former Parisian strengthened his side’s advantage through opportunism by knocking him down ten minutes after the break of the first half. Shortly before the hour passed, Jules Le Bail improved on a late tackle on Dillyn Leyds but a game-changing event at the end of the match.

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Tuisova played a bad trick on Rochelais

An hour later, Pierre Mignoni fired Joshua Tuisova and it took only three minutes for the Fiji to emerge. Despite an intervention by Jules Favre who tried to intercept the ball, Charlie Ngatai managed to change his winger who went to score in the corner, leaving Rochelais’ offensive bonus. But it only lasted seven minutes, it was time for Kevin Gordon to come and wrap up a good streak for his team. However, known not to be accepted in home trials, La Rochelle had a tough end to the match. Ten minutes after the match, Josua Tuisova had a double after recovering the ball from Pierre-Louis Barassi and a relay from Jonathan Pélissié who kicked for Fiji, serving perfectly to go to trial. For the honor, Pierre Louis Brasi also went there who attempted three minutes after the match in an action initiated by Alex Tollo and after a pass after a call from Jonathan Bellissé. La Rochelle saves the basics by winning at home (38-23) but it is only back to Toulouse, who maintains the advantage due to head-to-head matches. Lyon, who lost after three successive wins, is still in a critical position in terms of qualifying for the last stage of the top 14.

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