La Promesse – Three gourmet cafés in Lyon 2024

La Promesse – Three gourmet cafés in Lyon 2024

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La Promesse – Three Café Gourmands in concert in Lyon (Espace Jean Poperen Meyzieu)February 2, 2024. All practical information (prices, tickets, seating chart) for this concert can be found on this page. Book your ticket now to attend this concert in Lyon!

Trois Cafés Gourmands concert in Lyon (Meyzieu) in 2024

Trois Cafés Gourmands in concert at Meyzieu (Espace Jean Poperen) Friday, February 2, 2024 at 8:30 pm.

Discover the unforgettable experience offered by the Trois Cafés Gourmands concert, this exceptional French musical group. Thanks to their captivating voices, both poignant and passionate, Trois Cafés Gourmands reach the hearts of every spectator, whether they are in Paris, Lyon or anywhere in France. Live, their hit song “À nos souvenirs” takes on a whole new dimension, turning every concert into an unforgettable evening. Buy your ticket today and experience the magic of these legendary concerts, where every song resonates with palpable emotion. A show that lives up to its reputation, Trois Cafés Gourmands is a true feast for the senses.

Trois Cafés Gourmands regularly tours throughout France: find Trois Cafés Gourmands concert dates near you.

Trois Cafés Gourmands concert ticket office in Meyzieu

To purchase tickets

Places designated for Trois Cafés Gourmands upcoming party in Meyzieu On sale at the online ticket office.
Book your ticket now to experience a moment of intense music with Trois Cafés Gourmands on stage!

You can also book your tickets for the Trois Cafés Gourmands concert in Nantes.

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La Promise – three gourmet cafes

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