La boise.  Two artistic worlds to discover at Espace de la Tour

La boise. Two artistic worlds to discover at Espace de la Tour

On Friday 24 November at the Espace de la Tour, many of them attended the opening of the exhibition of two opposing artistic worlds proposed by Marie-Françoise Roder Beaubeau and Marie-Renée Laurent. These two friends agreed to display their works that coexist harmoniously in the space.

Hanging on the walls are Marie-Françoise Roder-Biobo’s watercolors, made on Yobo paper, a paper made of plastic fibers over which inks and watercolors glide to create blurred effects where black and white dominate. Brigitte Junginger, his watercolor teacher for 30 years, was present and confident in giving him complete creative freedom, as the artist prefers to work in ink where salt crystals and other creative materials are sometimes mixed.

In the center of the main room, Marie-Renée Laurent, a science specialist, displays her creations made from materials and spare parts converted from their primary uses: stirrers, laboratory quartz, Popsicle sticks, blind branches… His work is a visual result of computer research and his creations come from materials Recycled expresses his sensitivity and inner questions through a certain geometric precision and mathematical logic.

During the opening, the two artists were surprised to see Iano Barefoot arriving with his guitar and harmonica to enhance the evening with his blues music.

The exhibition will be viewed at Espace de La Tour until December 3rd on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 3pm to 7pm. At the same time, the “Jeuométrie” discovery workshop is offered for creative DIYers to build your own decorations from paper, ribbon, recycled materials or other things you can bring.

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