Kiwi, a vintage record in New Zealand

Kiwi, a vintage record in New Zealand

at new Zeland A bumper harvest is expected for this season kiwi 2021. In the island nation of Oceania, the 2021 campaign has just started with the first kiwi harvest in Gisborne (North Island). The season should prove to be another record year with higher kiwi yields compared to last year.

The season should also exceed last year’s exports, which reached more than 157 million Chinese shipped.

The 2021 campaign kicked off with the first group in Gisborne (Noora Island), which then spread across the country. New Zealand has about 2,800 kiwi producers who cultivate 13,000 hectares of orchards between Kerikeri in the north and Motoyka in the south.

Usually, the first variety to be harvested is Go, Followed by Green kiwi in late March. The group is up toThe peak is in mid-April and lasts until June. Diversity red It will be heading to New Zealand stores and some overseas markets.

For some farmers affected by cold in some areas, the pre-harvest period was difficult, but the general conditions were favorable for high-quality production. There is still concern about the shortage of seasonal workers. The border closures have actually reduced the number of workers from the Pacific Islands and the sector plans to employ more New Zealanders, especially as the wages offered have been revised upwards compared to 2020.

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