Kinshasa: The Moana Lemba Festival is a cultural space for artistic expression

Kinshasa: The Moana Lemba Festival is a cultural space for artistic expression

Kicked off on Sunday 10 July by the President of the Municipal Youth Council of Lemba, Christa Gaga, in the presence of Jan Nsaka, the mayor of this municipality, the first edition of the Moana Lemba Festival will continue inside the cultural center of the same municipality until next August.

Developed under the slogan “Lemba ya sika, it’s possible”, according to Lembalthèque youth representatives, this festival aims to be a cultural space for artistic expression, among other goals: to restore the image of the city of Lemba while promoting its cultural values ​​in educating young people on issues related to their region or to fight against Juvenile delinquency and excessive prostitution.

“We first want to restore the image of the Lemba municipality which used to be known as common intellectuals, which is a general knowledge, but today it is dominated by anti-values, kulunas and others … That is why we chose for the topic: Lemba ya sika, it is possible”, entrusted ACTUALITE.CD, Patricia Mabungu, Responsible for communication at the said festival.

However, Ms. Mabungu noted that the Moana Lemba Festival, despite its name, is open to all Congolese in general and the people of Kinshasa in particular. In view of the activities that will be held there, the festival will also highlight the young talents of the country in various fields such as poetry, art, music, theater, sports, etc.

“Mwana Lemba because it is organized by Lemba residents and because it is also held in the municipality of Lemba. But it is also an opportunity to discover the talent of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in general and Kinshasa in particular. Young people should discover and participate,” asserted Ms. Mabungo.

Many cultural activities take place in this context. They include dance, music, debate conferences, literary cafes, slams, speeches, art exhibitions, book sales, writing and reading workshops or even an entrepreneurship training series, environment, sanitation, processing and agri-food.

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