Kidnapping of a French-Australian citizen in Chad

Kidnapping of a French-Australian citizen in Chad

A French-Australian citizen was kidnapped in eastern Chad, in a region on the border with Sudan, “By individuals as yet unknown”On Saturday, October 29, the government announced in a press release. This kidnapping happened [vendredi]in the afternoon,The Chadian authorities said without giving further information about the circumstances of the kidnapping.

But authorities said the man was working at Oryx Park, which is run by the Desert Conservation Fund, a wildlife conservation NGO.

The Desert Conservation Fund was established in 2004 to deal with “catastrophic extinction wave” World Health Organization ‘Threatening birds and large mammals in Africa’, you could read on the NGO website. The zoo covers nearly 78,000 square kilometres.

“The government mobilized all security and human means to put its hands on the kidnappers.”as confirmed by the Chadian authorities.

Chad is landlocked in the heart of the Sahel region, with an area of ​​about 1.3 million square kilometres, and is bordered by Cameroon, Nigeria, Niger, Libya, Sudan and the Central African Republic.

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