Ketanji Brown Jackson, during a Supreme Court hearing, moved by Cory Booker

Ketanji Brown Jackson, during a Supreme Court hearing, moved by Cory Booker

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Ketanji Brown Jackson, during a Supreme Court hearing, moved by Cory Booker

US – The hearings are long and the attacks are particularly heavy from the Republican side, but Ketanji Brown Jackson never let his guard down. The person who is on the right track to becoming the first African American woman to sit on Supreme court He has been vigorously defending himself against various and varied accusations in Senate districts since Monday.

On Wednesday, March 23, in the third of four days of this trial process, the intervention of a senator severely affected his judge of choice. Joe Biden.

After spending hours taking blows and responding to his harshest critics, such as Senator Ted Cruz, going so far as to accuse him of “defending sexual impostors”, Kitangi Brown-Jackson couldn’t hold back her tears from the deeply touching words of Democratic Senator Cory Booker, As you can see in the video below.

“Now I tell you, I will not allow anyone in this Senate to steal the joy I feel (…). I worked to get there, you deserve your place, you are a great American,” began the senator who made it clear that the judge was not limited to the color of her skin or her gender.

“You and I, and we’re all here, we’re here because previous generations wanted to show they could live freely here and make this country love them as much as they love this country. The Chinese Americans who were enslaved to build our railroad network, are determined to settle here and tell this country.” “You may not love me yet, but we’ll make sure you realize their potential” Shadow characters unrecognized by Hollywood dedicated a movie to them when they were essential to our exploration of space… All these people loved America, the senator continued, denouncing “appalling insults” Launched by the Republican camp since Monday.

“You are here today because of this love (for your country), and no one will take that from me,” Booker ended as Ketanji Brown Jackson repeatedly tried to hold back her tears or rush to dry the ones she ended up rolling cheeks.

The illustrious 51-year-old, who was appointed to the Supreme Court by President Joe Biden, should, unless surprised, get the go-ahead from the Senate in early April and become the first black woman to sit on the Supreme Court.

Away from the icon, his arrival, to replace outgoing Justice Stephen Breyer, will not alter the balance within the American law temple, where conservatives will maintain a solid six-of-nine seat majority.

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