Kentucky Fried Chicken unveils new mouth-watering sandwich

Kentucky Fried Chicken unveils new mouth-watering sandwich

If you want to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken Popcorn without having to purchase the donuts separately, you may want to consider flights to New Zealand. KFC New Zealand recently launched Popcorn Chicken Slab, which is as potentially dangerous for your holiday diet as it sounds. The Crazy Menu Edition was introduced in Australia in 2019.

The popcorn chicken slab is designed for six people. It’s a bed of popcorn chicken nuggets between six hamburger buns, with a creamy cheese sauce and tangy barbecue sauce added for good measure. The menu item has been available at New Zealand KFC restaurants since November 2, ZMonline reports.

You can also order the Popcorn Chicken Slab, which includes two portions of fries and two drinks. The plate alone costs A$10.50 ($7.53) and a meal costs A$15.99 ($11.47), Chew Boom reports. There’s also the Slab Feast offer, which includes a Slab order, six pieces of chicken secret recipe, a large order of fries, large mashed potatoes, gravy, and a 1.5 liter brew for 30, AU$99 ($22.22).

Reports emerged of KFC Australia acquiring the Popcorn Chicken Slab in October 2019. It was added to menus across the country in October 2020. “We’re always looking for new ways. To impress fans of The Colonel’s Best, we’re excited to offer the best of the best,” said a spokesperson. As KFC told in 2019: “Our latest innovation – Popcorn Chicken Slab – has been tested and is currently available in nine restaurants in the Ballarat area. Stay tuned to see if Popcorn Chicken Slice makes it to KFC menus across the country! “

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KFC fans in the US may not have any weird new items on their menu this holiday season, but the company partnered with Enviro-Log again this year so your stove can smell like a KFC kitchen. 11 Herb & Spice Log will be available at Walmarts this holiday season for $9.88. Wood scent to bring the scent of herbs and spices into your living room. The registry package includes a QR code that fans can scan to enter a contest and host a special dinner cooked by KFC Chef Chris Scott.

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