Carpathian Espace Albert Camus, December 9, 2022, Moribas.

Carpathians Friday December 9, 8:30 pm Espace Albert Camus
from € 11.00
Carpathian and Simane Jazz Trio


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With in the first part, Trio Jazz Simani

For more than twenty years, the Carpathians have planted his songs in bars and halls in France, but also all over the world.

Their sixth album “Angora” was born from a tour of Central America. The result is a disc full of humanity: colorful characters that pass through the stories, the trademark of the group, but also childhood memories … all this, under the sound of delicious Mediterranean flavours.

With the Carpathians, we laugh after shivering, discuss childhood memories, meet a friend who left early, fall in love … We simply live! And at the end of every party there is always this joy, this desire to share, this desire to be happy. Do you want some sun again?

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