Karl Tu’inukuafe sticks to MHR: From nightclub bouncer to All Blacks, five things to know about the column

Karl Tu’inukuafe sticks to MHR: From nightclub bouncer to All Blacks, five things to know about the column

All black in Montpellier. On Tuesday, August 23, the Ministry of Human Resources officially announced the arrival of New Zealander Karl Twinukowa (1.82m, 130kg, 28 picks) for the next two seasons. He will land in Hérault in October, after the rugby tournament. Find out who’s the new MHR columnist with more than an atypical career.

He took up rugby to lose weight

Karl Tonkowa first touched rugby balls at Wesley College where he was educated. Then he plays in the foundation team and also represents the youth teams of the province of Manukau. Next, the player has some facilities with the oval ball but is unhappy with the idea of ​​working in rugby. He stopped all sports at the end of high school. Without exercise and proper eating habits, Karl Tu’inukuafe gains up to 170 kg of weight. Heavy weight causing pain in his back and knees, doctors encourage him to return to sports.

So he joined a rugby club Takapuna RFC, on the outskirts of Auckland, where his brothers play. Initially, his only goal was to play in the reserve team with his brothers, but he soon found himself called up to the first team. He then competed in the North Harbor Association Amateur Championship in 2015.

With the weight gain and ensuing performances, Karl Tonkowa was spotted by the North Harbor County team where he began his rugby career.

He has already played in France

After a successful first professional season in New Zealand’s North Harbor franchise, the Column receives an offer from the Racing Club of Narbonne, in Pro D2. He joined the French club in October 2015, and he will play 23 matches during the 2015/2016 season, with only 6 matches. The column then experiences a new vision of rugby. No more races, place ruckuses and rubble. A tactic that initially bothered the New Zealand player but he would end up adopting it. Despite an offer of extension from the French club, Karl Toenkowaf returned to New Zealand the following year, having already signed with North Harbor for the 2016/17 season. He then asserted that had it not been for this obligation, he would have remained in France.

First international selection against France

After several good performances with the North Harbor County team, Karl Tu’inukuafe was invited to the Bulls season. After a package of several pillars, Karl Tu’inukuafe is offered a place in the New Zealand franchise squad with whom he will play 16 matches.

Performances that allowed him to be called up by New Zealand coach, Steve Hansen, in May 2018. The selection was considered surprising given the pole’s lack of international experience. Despite this, Karl Tuenquafi seized his opportunity to make his first international selection on 9 June 2018, against France, and was involved in New Zealand’s victory. His presence in the melee was particularly noted. He now has 28 picks.

He was a guard

Despite some aptitude for rugby, Karl Tu’inukuafe discontinued all sporting activities upon leaving high school. Then he took a job in security, doubling it with a job as a guard.

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He could have played for Tonga

After several good performances with Narbonne, the Tongan national team approached Karl Tuenukwav. Unfortunately, he broke his leg and he lost all hope of wearing a Tongan shirt.

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