Karel Sabbe revient sur sa Barkley: "J'ai demandé mon chemin à... une benne à ordures"

Karel Sabi looks at his Barkley: ‘I asked directions to…a trash can’

The Belgian sprinter got lost in the forests of Frozen Head when he was leading and in the fourth (out of five) episode of the event considered the most difficult in the world.

It seems like everything has come together to become Karel Sabi’s sixteenth finisher From Barclay since its inception in 1986. For the first time since 2017! It won’t be for this year.

As it happened in 2019 during his first participation, this diligent dentist from the Ghent region – already a famous feat – succeeded in completing three episodes of about 40 kilometers from the concept that was born from the mind of this character that is Lake Lazarus. Only New Zealander Greg Hamilton, like him, tried to go beyond what corresponded to these three episodes completed on time “Fun Run”.

But while he was expected to triumph in the heart of the wet night of this lost corner of Tennessee for a final break before Episode V that should give him the desired status finisher From this test of just over 200 kilometers for 20,000 meters of altitude in less than 60 hours, the Morgan County Sheriff’s Car found Base Camp and Lake Lazarus, the designer of this famous race as the world’s toughest.

“I found it in Petros, on the other side of the mountain”Al-Sharif said in statements transmitted by our colleagues from the team. “Residents called me in the middle of the night to tell me that a woman in Indian dress was walking around their town…(…) was a bit confused when I found him.”

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