Justin Trudeau steps up his attacks on vaccination |  Canada elections 2021

Justin Trudeau steps up his attacks on vaccination | Canada elections 2021

Mr. Trudeau was in the Ottawa area presenting local candidates and unveiling promises of investments in mental health.

A reporter asked him about his reaction to the words of the leader of the Quebec bloc, Yves Francois Blanchett, who had accused Mr Trudeau the day before of a crime. ignites the situation By adopting an atmosphere of defiance in front of the demonstrators opposing health measures and vaccination.

I think what Mr Blanchett said is totally unacceptable and irresponsibleThe liberal leader answered immediately.

Canadians who have made the choice and who have taken on their responsibilities to get vaccinated in recent months, Canadians who have made sacrifices wearing masks, keeping their distance to get through this pandemic, to protect each other, I choose to support them. I chose to defend them in this choice [et] I listen to science, he completed.

Mr Blanchett and Mr O’Toole really need to think about how, through their lack of leadership, they encourage those who still think there is a debate about vaccination.

Quote from:Justin Trudeau, Leader of the Canadian Liberal Party

There is no more discussion. People need to be vaccinated. Not just to protect themselves. It’s to protect others, it’s to protect all those kids who can’t be vaccinated yet, who are going back to school this week and next week. My God, this is the bare minimum of leadership Canadians expect from their political leadersThe liberal leader added.

On Monday, Yves Francois Blanchett suggested Mr Trudeau change his stance in front of anti-vaccine protesters.

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When the protesters […], I think even if it’s not very conducive to dialogue, a responsible, united, and helpful attitude would be more likely to reduce this kind of risk than a slightly reckless one.said the block leader.

He needs to be more conservative in the way he presents his ideas. I think it’s a way to please, He said.

The Liberal Caravan has had to deal with several protests, mostly against vaccination and health restrictions, since the start of the campaign, even having to cancel last week’s event for security reasons.

I understand that a few anti-vaccines make a lot of noise, but they don’t represent Canadians and I don’t understand why Mr. O’Toole and Mr. Blanchett have not shown more leadership in talking about the science and the need to use vaccines to beat this pandemic once and for all.Trudeau said on the sidelines of today’s press conference.

Liberal leader Erin O’Toole has repeatedly been accused in recent days of lacking firmness in not ensuring that all of his candidates are vaccinated and not supporting mandatory vaccination of federal officials. Erin O’Toole encourages vaccination, but suggests alternatives for those who refuse to receive injections, such as screening tests.

The bloc leader also opposes the Liberals’ approach to mandatory vaccination of federal public servants. According to him, the federal government, as an employer, must follow public health directives, which are the responsibility of the provinces. Yves-François Blanchett says sanctions targeting employees who refuse to comply would not be applicable and would be against the law.

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Justin Trudeau, for his part, last week pledged $1 billion to counties implementing a passport for a vaccine to fight COVID-19.

On Tuesday, Mr Blanchett was asked if he regretted calling out Mr Trudeau’s position a little saliva.

If I remember correctly, I began by condemning the actions and aggressiveness of people against politicians who should be able to express themselves freely. […]. I have called, and I continue to call on the Prime Minister to adopt a conciliatory tone. We don’t have the same expectations of a head of state as the protesters’ expectations, He said.

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