Justin Trudeau in quarantine at a three-star hotel in Ottawa

Justin Trudeau in quarantine at a three-star hotel in Ottawa

(Ottawa): The Prime Minister of Canada entered the record of a three-star hotel on the last leg of his trip abroad.

Stephanie Taylor
Canadian Press

Justin Trudeau and the rest of the Canadian delegation that had traveled to the UK and Belgium checked into a hotel near Ottawa airport on Tuesday night to begin a 14-day quarantine.

Ottawa introduced a rule earlier in the year that those entering the country by air must stay in a government-approved hotel for up to three nights before returning home to complete the remainder of the quarantine.

Justin Trudeau’s office said the prime minister and his official delegation would follow the same travel rules as Canadians.

The conservative opposition denounced the fact that the prime minister does not stay in one of the government-sanctioned hotels that citizens must choose.

Where the Prime Minister and the rest of the delegation were staying on Tuesday night was calm.

Journalists and government employees were provided rooms on the same floor and greeted with baskets of food.

Members of the delegation are not expected to leave the hotel room until they have tested negative for COVID-19 which they have received upon arrival.

Justin Trudeau and his team were tested nearly a dozen times for COVID-19 before the flight left Ottawa for Europe last week.

An advisory group of experts recently told the Liberal government that it should phase out the policy of forcing people to stay in quarantine hotels because it does not respect science and contains too many loopholes that need to be continually pursued.

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