Just for free today: This innovative app saves you time and money

Just for free today: This innovative app saves you time and money

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You can secure the paid app “PersoPhoto” for a short time, free of charge. We reveal why downloading is so important.

On the App Store, you can get the graphical “PersoPhoto” app currently for free. That’s why it’s worth downloading. (Source: AntonioGuillemF /Depositphotos.com)

  • You can currently get the “PersoPhoto” app for free from the App Store. You save 1.09 €.
  • With the small tool, you can create your own passport photos in no time at all. This saves you time and money.
  • There are no ads or in-app purchases, nor is the free promotional validity period known.

Lots You can use the paid mobile apps and games for free from time to time Get rid of dust in the app store. Developers use such free phases to make their apps better known and to attract new users.

You are currently getting “PersoPhoto” for free. With it you can save the trip to the photographer and take photos of the ID and passport yourself. What seems complicated at first is actually not rocket science.

I am App Store Free instead of 1.09 €

You can capture your required biometric photos in three easy steps. Import a photo or capture one with your phone’s camera. Then cut it to size using the pattern.

You can then simply print the finished collage, for example at the photo station in the pharmacy or at the supermarket. Printing will cost you only a few cents.

That’s why it’s worth downloading

PersoPhoto is a very practical application with which you can quickly create your own passport photos and print them with a few cents. This saves you from going to the photographer or the photo booth.

To use, iOS 10 must at least be installed on your iPhone or iPad, so older devices are also supported. The app is currently only available in English, but its use is self-explanatory.

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IOS apps are currently available for free

IOS apps are currently available for free

There are no annoying ads or in-app purchases. It is not known how long the free promotional offer will be valid. If you are interested, you must access it quickly and secure the application during the free period.

If you hit right now, you can always download the program for free, even if it goes on sale again.

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